Sunday, 17 May 2015

5 Most Giant Machine Universe The Beyond Reason

If you're out in the streets we are already familiar with a large vehicle such as truck, bus and other transport car. Moreover, the holiday season, we are also familiar with the means of transport such as Marine, Railway and Aircraft. Maybe we always assume that the machines above is very large, but there's more machines the largest ever man-made. As to whether the giant machine?

1. World's Largest Garbage Trucks

The world's largest garbage truck is named Belaz. This truck is claimed to be able to lift as much as 450 tons of garbage and capable of driving up to 25km / h. Wow, you can imagine the magnitude of this Belaz truck.

2. World's Largest Aircraft

This is the largest aircraft ever created mankind, named Mriya aircraft is very large. Designed using the 6 engine jet to take him to fly. The length of this plane reaches 83.3 meters and 17.9 meters high. Beyond measure? And this plane ever to circumnavigate the globe 46 times.

3. Ships the World's Largest

This time it was a very big ship called Prelude which was first sailed in South Korea. This vessel has a length of 487 meters and 74 meters high, and weighs 600,000 tons. Crazy, ya big this ship.

4. The World's Largest Motorcycle

The term Moge or Motor Gede will not apply to the man-made motorcycle from Italy named Fabio Reggiani this. Because the motor is not big but SUPER BIG. This motor has a height of 5.10 meters and weighs 5.5 tons and with a V8 engine capacity of 5000cc. Look at Fabio to take pictures on the bike, he looked like a toy.

5. Remote Control Robot World's Largest

The latter is not a vehicle as above, but a "giant toy". It is a remote control robot world ever created. This robot was made by Germany's Zollner Electronic AG. And spent 6 years to make this robot along with 15 colleagues. This dragon-shaped robot weight is 11 tons, the robot is able to breathe fire like a dragon real.

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