Thursday, 21 May 2015

Some diseases What You Think Trivial But precisely Makes Tortured

Health is the main factor for human berpengaruhi. The intake of food and the environment we live a great impact to the body. But most of us actually underestimate healthy lifestyle so susceptible to the disease.Lately many trivial disease but can make you can not sleep. Here is his review that surely you've ever tasted. 

1. Sprue and Swollen Gums

Most of us must have often experienced this disease. There is a lack of vitamin C and iron, bitten when eating, a toothbrush is too rough to oral hygiene is not maintained. Luka shaped yellowish-white patches may make you difficult to move. 

2. Diarrhea

Although the disease is trivial, but the diarrhea becomes the most common cause of death in infants. Even more than 2.6 million people killed each year. Causes of this disease there are several factors such as intestinal infections. Eating contaminated food or beverage causes intestinal bacteria nesting and eventually infected by bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.If you have diarrhea usually accompanied by abdominal pain a little short with watery stools and may also experience stomach cramps. Trouble once when I have out of the toilet. Plus, if we were outside the house and did not find the toilet. Ah, can not be imagined! 

3. Telusupan

Telusupan This is a disease in which a very small spines into the skin of the foot or fingers. Due to very small form makes it difficult to be revoked. In addition, the pain is almost equal to a toothache. Telusupan often happens when you are outdoors. Plus your legs and fingers are naked so invisible thorns can be easily pierced.This disease is trivial but suffering quite difficult, where you must thorn invisible until sometimes hurt the body. You also must be willing to berpincang ria in order to reduce pain when the road. Ever feel it not? 

4. Acne

For those of you who have spotty confusion certainly do care. Skin problems characterized by the appearance of spots in some parts of the body such as the face, back, and chest makes you less confident meeting with people around. Disebakan acne because of the changes in hormone levels during puberty. Moreover, because many activities that resulted in piles of dirt and grease join the dead skin so the pores menyimbat.If you're spotty advised not to push it because it will leave a permanent scar. Although the disease is considered to be trivial, but for women it is a big enemy. Especially when there is an event invitation the next day or date. 

5. Lice Hair

The disease, which until this hair is annoying trivial disease. Itching in the head is actually not a bite of head lice, but allergic skin reactions to parasites or head lice. Fleas live by sucking blood from the scalp, so that very little of the form is smaller than the tip of a pinhead to sesame seeds.Head lice is usually contracted from other patients. Either contracting directly or indirectly from an intermediary such as a comb, hel, hats, pillows and towels. Ticks are common in the days of our grandparents, so that if it is still lousy, can make a minder because it was considered old-fashioned. And itch it's annoying not know ... if we should move to scratch itchy scalp due? 

6. Timbilan

Timbilan This is the term for a disease named swelling and bumps on the eyelids. The disease is usually colored red at the end of the eyelids. The longer the growth of the disease, the greater the lump. This disease can be caused by bacteria and insect bites. It usually occurs at night and the next day the eye accompanied by red bumps.In addition to the heat and aching in the eyes, timbilan also can reduce a person's self confidence. How come? Mata is the first asset that supports a person to appear in public. If you experience it, it's better to wear sunglasses to strengthen your confidence. 

7. Difficult defecation

Last trivial disease is on the list is huge constipation. The disease is also quite agonizing for stomach ache and could not remove it. The main cause of this disease is the process of digestion is not good and inadequate intake of vegetables and fruits.But there is also caused due to excess food consumed in one sitting. It is quite torturous if when he could not defecate. It could be bad eating, constipation, anxiety, until becoming occupants toilet that would not go out. Whether from you often experience?There are still many diseases trivial but painful. There's even cause death. What do you think are there any other trivial disease? If there please fill in the comments below this article.

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