Friday, 22 May 2015

unique poker card design

55 designers collaborated to redesign the card poker as we know only the pictures are quite boring to playA total of 55 designers, combined into one, work together to redesign the characters in poker as we know it, maybe you used to see if the poker cards are often decorated with a picture of the Joker, ace, queen and king, but this time is different, and certainly more varied , for more details check beberpa photo gallery below;

1. Diamond is transformed into a hand image okay

2. Figure curly as we know it only consists of black, now more fresh with a mix of blue, pink and yellow gold.

3. Heart! Which is not always heart, but is now decorated with a single eye.


4. Spade which consists of several figures who writhed!


5. Moreover, the colonial character with his sword that also adorn Diamond


6. Character glamor of the Spade


7. Figure monotonous queen now turned into a beautiful girl without sin.


8. Even the image of the king that we are familiar with proud faces now turned into more impressed ... spooky!


9. Form a big red heart in the middle of a boring now turned into a form of urban design is more interesting to look at


10. And the last character of the octopus that adorn Spade provide sensation to play poker

What do you think? Not boring anymore right if you want to play poker? 

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